Hey! It's been a minute. I like to only write when I feel compelled to. And today is one of those days.

I'm honestly so bored with my life right now. Like extremely. I recently took on a new job. I love the job! I love the people! This is honestly one of the best blessings I've received since moving to Los Angeles. But... I'm just not fulfilled :(

Like I've said in previous posts, I've always known that I have had this entrepreneurial spirit inside of me. I believe it was dormant for the majority of my life because I was so focused on being an athlete. 

With that entreprneurial spirit, I channeled my creativity with and made Asterisk. I've started a business and watch my plans fail. I've tried my hand at modeling and have watched this journey be tough, and I constantly feel like I'm way more than a model (no shade to models). I've played around with music, but never took it super seriously.

It's like I'm working so hard at nothing. That what it is. I feel like I'm working hard at nothing. Now, this doesn't mean that my efforts have not resulted in some great things. They definitely have. But trying to focus on all of these different things that have not worked out yet, is no Bueno for me.

I still know that I am multifaceted.  I know that I am already the mogul that I desire to be. I just need to FOCUS. I chose to write this out for myself, but maybe this can help someone else out there.

There is more than enough time for me to accomplish all of my goals! I just need to focus on one thing, establish and grow that one thing, then maintain that one thing while focusing on my next thing. BOW. Seems so simple, but in my scatterbrain, it just doesn't click all the time. So every time I'm looking to do something other than what I have determined I will be focusing on, I will come to open up this blog post so I can stop acting like I don't want to win.


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