I never thought I would be able to call myself a quitter... But I did a few months ago.

2018 taught me so much. It taught me about enjoying the highs and fighting through the lows. It taught me that every one isn't my friend. It also taught me that most times I am my own worst enemy. I went into the second half of 2018 hoping to keep the ball rolling. Make a lot of moves, and try some even riskier things than I had done in the months prior. However, I was stagnated by my own self-doubt. 

I stopped believing in myself. I thought that I needed a lot of money or a lot of people to help me get to the grand vision of myself that I have always imagined. I started taking criticisms to heart. I started looking for love and drugs in all the wrong places to feel the gaps in my soul that I had created myself. I started relying on other people to make shit shake for me. Until finally I told myself "I QUIT".

I quit feeling sorry for myself. I quit comparing myself to others. I quit driving in someone else's lane when mine is carved especially for me. I quit being scared to go full force with what I want. I quit having half-ass relationships. I quit downplaying my gifts. I quit wasting my time. I quit loving people that don't love me back. I quit not practicing what I preach. I QUIT NOT BEING JANAYA.


Going into 2019, I quit the bullshit. Have you?

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