I've wanted to be a Sports Broadcaster since I was 16.....

I've wanted to be a Sports Broadcaster since I was 16.....

Yessssssss THIS WAS MY LIFE!! I used to live for 4th down conversions and buzzer beaters. I also surprisingly thought that I wanted to be a doctor too at one point... but that's another conversation for another day. 

But yea, when it came down to me deciding what I wanted to do with my life before I went to college, I felt like this was the most logical thing for me that aligned with my interests: being in front of the camera and sports (also writing too; I'm a compulsive journal-er) I would imagine myself on the sidelines of football and basketball games with a big ass blonde fro interviewing all the best players in the league. I had internships with Fox Sports, The 2016 Olympics with NBC, and ESPN. I looked up to people like Jemelle Hill, Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver, Cari Champion, and Sage Steele.  I was literally obsessed.

 (Me a little over two years ago)



People often ask me what made me change. And honestly, it really just happened over time. I asked myself WHY I wanted to do this so bad. And I realized it was because I just really like sports and looking cute to be perfectly honest. But that is NOT enough for me to have a long-lasting career in something that I am not overly passionate about. I knew I had to do something that would fill me up internally and help me actually pour into others. I just didn't see how I could use sports broadcasting to do that (not saying that you can't, I just didn't see it for me. I needed more creative freedom, more passion, more love.)

So I made a switch. I didn't know what the switch was until like a month after graduation. But it was the best decision I had ever made. Fashion and design not only allow me to express myself creatively, but it allows me to have a brand that pushes a message that I have always practiced and believed in my entire life: Taking risks.

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