Living in the NOW.

Living in the NOW.

It seems really simple, but I promise you I just started practicing this. I'm not one to speak on the actions of others, but from my observations, I don't feel like most people live in the NOW. 

When I say live in the now. I'm referring to being very present and aware of the current matters at hand and how your actions/feelings in the can affect the future (long-term and short-term). Being present means being an overseer of your thoughts/emotions. It means being able to internally watch how you are acting/thinking and being able to "check yourself" for lack of better terms. It wasn't until I read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle ( ) that I was finally able to really understand what this meant for me in my personal life in my business. 

How I use this with Asterisk*

When it comes to Asterisk*, I don't normally have to check myself too much because I'm super obsessed with what I'm doing. So, my passion overrides a lot of uneasy feelings I may have sometimes. But when I do experience myself acting out of laziness, greed, procrastination, and neglect, I always check into the mode of looking at myself internally: not allowing my thoughts and feelings to control me. I also make sure that I act in the NOW as well. I have so many plans and thoughts that I want to bring to my brand, but often times I'll say things like "Oh I'll do this when I get a camera," or "I'll do this after I get 24385857 followers and supporters. But like why wait? I make sure I check myself when I have these thoughts because waiting won't do shit for me. I'll never be more ready than I am NOW. I'll never be younger than I am NOW. And I'll never be more flexible than I am RIGHT NOW. So I just push myself without even a shadow of a doubt (liesss I stay doubting myself lmao)

But yeaaa I would most definitely recommend that book. Looking to read The Four Agreements next. I'll probably do a post about how I'm applying that to my life soon.

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