My Bank Account Went into the NEGATIVES

My Bank Account Went into the NEGATIVES

Yep, you read it right. My bank account went into the negatives. My business account that is. But I mean this isn't new to me. I go broke for Asterisk* all the time. Let me introduce myself because you may not know who I am. My name is Janaya Hampton, (@nayslayerr) and I am a 23 year old ex-athlete from New Orleans living in Los Angeles, Ca. I'm the brown skin curly blonde haired girl in a lot of the photos. I started Asterisk* by myself a few months ago, and it has definitely been an emotional an financial rollercoaster. But it's been fun as shit too. I wake up everyday determined to get a job done, share positivity, and make sales. Asterisk* was built on the foundation of taking risks. Before I even knew what I wanted to sell in the store, I knew that the central message would be about taking risks and going after the desires of the heart. The crochet/crochet re-work thing came a year later. 

I didn't write the title of the blog posts to persuade people to buy from my store. I used it to show more of the truth of growing a business from scratch (especially by yourself), and to serve as an introduction to my daily blog posts on here. I've decided to take you with me on my journey with Asterisk*. Hopefully some of the posts could help someone out there trying to do something similar, or just trying to step out on their own and make some money. When I was younger, I really thought that when i graduated college I would just automatically be rich or something L M A O. Thats such a fairytale. You become successful by putting in the work, having faith, and adding value to everything you do. So this is my attempt at that lol.

Thanks for reading. I'll be posting something everyday. Just a little cluster of thoughts.

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Loved this Janaya. Inspiring


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