My Fingers are Bleeding.......

My Fingers are Bleeding.......

Ok not exactly. But DAMN NEAR. And you know what? It doesn't bother me at all. My pain shows me how hard I've been working. My pain shows me how much I care. My pain shows me how much time I've put into this dream. My pain is a part of MY JOURNEY. Hoping to not get arthritis before 30  L O L. But I know I won't lol. 

If you're wondering why I said my fingers are bleeding, it's because, with crocheting, I often sit for hours and hours on end to make sure that every item I make is just how I'd like it if I was buying it. Like are how you going to ask people to buy your shit when it's half ass and of shitty quality?! I've also been preparing for a Fashion Show and Pop-up shop at Howard this week, so that definitely has added more stress to me. But it's all good stress. I asked for this. I LOVE this. Embrace the journey guys: all the pain, all the annoying shit, all the setbacks. Becuase for some reason I really think this will all be worth it one day. Don't you?

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