My Style?

My Style?

My style is my style, Period.

Lmao, okay let me not be so serious. 

But honnnestlyyyy, this is definitely one of the hardest questions people ask me: "Janaya, what words would you use to describe your style?" 

Instantly, I always think of the words, "risky" "hoesthetics" or "classy".

But I feel like just a few words is never enough to describe anyone's style. Style is something that comes from your entire package: way more than just the physical.

It's your aura that screams "classy bitch" when you wear a sexy dress with a stylish blazer. It's your energy that yells "tomboy whore" when you wear an oversized sweater that barely can pass as a dress.

So my style is just that: how I feel at that day or moment in time. My style is impulsive. My style is not planned nor carefully thought out. My style is lazy assss shit.

But most importantly, my style is mine.


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