Why is it that everything worth having is so hard to achieve? or at least it seems that way.. I feel like (and I know I am not the only person that can say this) but I feel like I have always been chasing something my entire life. I always had a goal that I was determined to reach, and I never let people stop me.

I see it in other people too: the will to win and the desire to reach one's full potential. But what makes this part (early=mid twenties) so difficult? Why is it that having fun isn't just "having fun" anymore? Why does every action I take have to be extremely calculated? I know some people might say "It's because you have bills and other responsibilities now." But I believe the reason why life is kicking a lot of us in the ass right now is because of one thing: we believe that our next move HAS to be our best move or we wont be successful. Thats a shit-ton of pressure to put on a young adult, don't you think?

Truth is, our next move will be a step in the right direction, no matter what you actually do. God "the universe" is always overseeing our moves, allowing us to be the creators of our lives while still helping us get to that end result that we so desperately desire. I think the pressure of being your "best self" right now is stupid. Wouldn't life be kind of boring afterwards if we all peaked at 23-24? That's shitty lmfaooooo. 

Take a step back and look at how much life we have to live. Cherish the people  around you, NEVER STOP MOVING FORWARD, and spread love. Thats the best way to go through life right now. Oh and stack bread too :)

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