Risk Taker of the Week: @_Sasser - What Makes You a Risk Taker?

Risk Taker of the Week: @_Sasser - What Makes You a Risk Taker?

In the Oxford dictionary, “risk” as a noun is a situation involving exposure to danger. As a verb, “risk” means exposing someone or something valued to danger, harm or loss. This may be a vital component as to why many people are afraid of “risks”. The traditional way that most Americans live their lives has never been an interest for me. Go to college, receive a degree, and then off to work a 9-5 or more schooling just isn’t the path that I want to take. A huge risk that I took this past year was exposing my self as an artist. Although I have been extremely creative my whole life, it has only been until recently that I have made my previews of my art public. My music makes me very vulnerable as I am so transparent with my lyricism. My music is a combination of my story and the stories of people that are close to me. This is a risk within itself. It opens up a path to conversations that people may now have about you that you have no idea about. As a female artist that raps, many look upon chasing a rapping career very negatively because of the odds. My advice to anyone chasing a dream is to keep going. No one knows who you truly are and what you’re capable of but YOU. Whether it comes to fashion, music and the entrepreneurship business, most of the greats stayed the course years to become what they became. Risks are only risks until they turn out as success. Think of it this way, the only way to gain success starts with a “risk”. Make that first step!
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Love this!! Well said <3 but I have also learned that even YOU don’t know what you are capable of and that’s what’s even more exciting about taking those risks!


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