The Creative Free Spirit

The Creative Free Spirit

I'm back to doing my daily blog posts. I took a hiatus because of some fashion shows and other things I had going on with my brand. But I'm on the blog today to talk about my struggle with being a creative free spirit.

First of all, I used to HATE when people called me a free spirit. I thought it meant that I was an outlandish hippie that never shaved her armpits or some shit lmao. But as I've gotten older I've come to understand what people were talking about.

I guess I'm a free spirit because of my lack of wonder or care for what happens when I make certain choices or look a certain way. I'm a free spirit because I have always been unapologetically myself. I may not have always been comfortable with the person I was, but it was more of an internal battle than an external battle. I never cared THAT much about anyone else's thoughts.

My struggle with being a creative free spirit is that I sometimes jump from idea to idea. Or I will have so many big ideas and things that I want to do. I often get lost in my own creativity. I get frustrated with what I should focus on, or what should be my "thing".

I've come to realize that I was making this characteristic about myself a problem instead of owning and making moves with it. So now, I plan to do all of the creative things that I have in my mind, but I'm going to make them all tie together in some way, shape, or form.

So yea, I have hellllla new shit I'm doing. Like pushing Asterisk* to new heights, making music, and modeling. I can doooo it alllll and I'm not gonna let anything stop me. I guess that's that free spirit shit everyone keeps talking about lol.

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