The Journey to Being Your Own Boss

The Journey to Being Your Own Boss

So, let's talk about it.

Obviously we know that it's hard to start a business; it's hard to take an unconventional route to make a living; and it's hard when you truly want to play by your own rules. But why is it that nobody really talks about the struggle while it's happening? People show you their highlights throughout their journey, and somehow they just fulfill their wildest dreams.


Don't get caught up thinking that you can do this shit overnight...I know I kind-of did.... lmao


But what about the sleepless nights? What about the days where you want to quit because you think nothing is going well? What about the times you got scammed? What about the times you were sleeping on the floor? What about the months when you didn't have money to eat? 


It's like we don't hear about those things until people make it and feel comfortable telling their story. I enjoy listening to those types of stories, but sometimes people feel very detached from those hard times once they have new problems to deal with.


I want to share more of my story on my journey to get to my destination that I WILL reach. I'm using this blog to do that. It's called the #RiskTakerBlog for a reason ya know!

I've been very blessed with many favorable and unfavorable circumstances on my journey to being my own boss. I've done a lot of odd jobs, met sketchy people, and made huge mistakes along the journey, and I know I'm not finished with it yet! I have a long way to go before I get to where I want to be.


Starting today, I'm going to share all of my experiences that have been shaping me to be the future bosss asss bitch I'm becoming.

I can't wait to bring more people inside of my journey!!

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