The Life of a Non Perfectionist

The Life of a Non Perfectionist

So to explain the title a little, when I was about to write this post, I literally could NOT find the antonym for a perfectionist. My ass most definitely thought it was like "imperfectionist", but after doing some research I found that "imperfectionist is not a real word in the dictionary.

Instead, for the antonym of a perfectionist, the dictionary uses words like "messy" or "mediocrist". And I literally immediately took somewhat of an offense to that.

I am not a perfectionist, but I damn sure am NOT mediocre or messy. When I say that I am not a perfectionist, it means that I am quick to make decisions, I don't sweat the little shit, I've accepted the idea of growth and not being a complete facade, I love the weird shit about things, I love relatable people and I love being relatable. I also understand that being a perfectionist can really hinder you sometimes. It causes you to overthink shit that isn't that deep; it makes you become extremely hard on yourself for no apparent reason; and it can keep you from expressing a beautiful thing because of the extremely high standards you have set in your head for yourself.

I definitely think that I should put some more perfectionism into my life, but I am super happy that I actually fall closer to the other side of the spectrum. It makes me the "free spirit" people like to say that I am. It makes me appreciate the weird shit about myself. And It makes me able to put myself out there without much hesitation.

So yea. I guess I wrote this for people to see/understand me and understand that YOU DON'T HAVEEEEE TO BEE SO HARDD ON YOURSELFF! like yea, I think you should have high standards, but don't be afraid to let some of your flaws show and not overthink shit. You never know, that crazy idea or thing that you have been perfecting for years was probably imperfectly perfect when you were only three months in.

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