Trying New Tings.

Trying New Tings.

Hearing a recording of my voice on anything is probably on the list of the top 5 things that I hate the most in life. lmao dramatic but seriously. So when I decided that I would start posting more of my thoughts on Instagram I damn near had a heart attack lmao. Not because I thought what I was saying wasn't of value, but because the cadence of my voice really bothers me. It almost sounds like I'm congested 24/7. Like how do people even listen to me talk without laughing?! And then I always hear my slight accent when I'm really into what I'm talking about lmao. I guess that's when I'm passionate about something. 


I'm saying this because even though I really hate my voice so so much, I still try to get out of my own head and just do what feels right. After a while, I'm sure my voice will still bother me, but I know it'll help me move forward to being the type of person I want to be and accomplish the goals I have set for myself. So I guess I'll get used to it.

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